It’s summer! Going to make a new the Healthy Twig blog soon. I might try to design a layout. 

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Dream apartment with Jon. Rustic. 
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Malcolm Brown’s The Hundred Dollar Portrait project is amazing. Check it out at: This woman is so gorgeous, I want to look like her when I grow up ;-) 
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Red Lentil, Barley and Swiss Chard Soup
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This blog really should get more action, and by action I mean that I should post more things. Even if it is tumblr weeds (aka reblog). 

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Probably going to eventually delete this like most selvies on this slow moving blog. My skin looked amazing last night, the only makeup I’m wearing here is lipstick, my adolescent inner self just fainted *please stay 
like this dear skin.
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My commentary on porn. The sexuality of boys in our Western society are raised by porn, and this is the first they will ever learn about a woman’s sexuality. In the same sense girls learn about their “rolls” within sex by watching porn. This interests me because porn in more ways than people would like to admit gives us a bar to live up to as “monkey sees, monkey does” behavior occurs largely in our psychology (we see this with the idolizing of celebrities, and letting people in power set an example). Yet what porn is, is nothing like actual sex, and we need to be cognoscente of this. There will always be a disconnect between what actual sex is and what porn is due to the nature of the two.  
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Who can guess what porn star is in my painting? 
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Sam Weber
Anxiety: My Monster
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You will never again be as young as you are right now…

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I want to own all three of these. 
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Westerners: I am policed by the male mind

This is a bit outside of what I talk about on this blog, but I feel it needs to be said. Westerners judge societies that tell their woman to cover up, and yet here in the West we tell our woman that rape is because of how they dress. Rape is caused by rapists, why is this so hard to figure out? In an apparent “free society”, it is considered to be common sense for a woman to sensor what she wears in order to be safe. So our bodies cause men to force violence upon us? I am innately a sexual object, and have to counter this by covering up, how is this way of looking at the female different than the societies who tell their woman to wear burkas and hijabs? In the west we do have more freedom than many societies, yet in the west I too am policed by the male mind. Let us remember that we can be hypocrites. Rapists make rape, not the victim. 

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Look how young he looks when clean shavin! 
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Currently, I’m cocooning. 

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